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How to Remove CrypMIC File Lock Ransomware


What’s CrypMIC Ransomware CrypMIC ransomware is a serious problem that is a variant of HDDCryptor and Cerber2. It not only encrypts the files in the computer system, but also can destroy the computer system gradually. The creators of the malicious ransomware promise to decrypt your files after you pay some money, but you should not […]

How to Remove FenixLocker File Lock Ransomware


What’s FenixLocker Ransomware FenixLocker is a malicious ransomware that was created by cyber criminals. Obviously, this unexpected guest is not friendly. A variety of files in the computer system are encrypted by it after it is installed in the computer system successfully. If your computer system is infected, you have no choice but have to […]

How to Remove HDDCryptor File Lock Ransomware


What’s HDDCryptor Ransomware If your computer is infected with HDDCryptor ransomware, you may lose a lot of files if you do not have a backup since it is able to encrypt files. The dangerous ransomware is able to sneak into the computer system without drawing your attention and encrypt almost all of your files such […]

How to Remove JokeFromMars File Lock Ransomware


Basic Information of JokeFromMars Ransomware If you’re search for the information of JokeFromMars, you should know that it is a notorious and aggressive ransomware virus. Its creators have been using ransomware viruses like JokeFromMars to make a lot of money from gullible people around the world. Once this ransomware virus attacks your computer, it will […]

Remove Sitaram108 Ransomware Manually from PC

Sitaram108 Ransomware

Sitaram108 is a malware that has been manifested as a ransomware. It can target your computer easily if you don’t have any good online behaviors. After Sitaram108 has a chance to break into your computer, it disables your system security tool and encrypts all of your files like pictures, music, videos, and documents. Then you […]

Remove Okean-1955 Ransomware Completely


Okean-1955 is another malicious program that has been manifested as a ransomware. This virus is not similar to adware or browser hijacker. It is much more dangerous and troublesome. When you come across this ransomware, you will know that. Okean-1955 not only infects users’ computer via spam emails, but also via many other tricky ways […]

Get Rid of Shark Ransomware Completely


Shark is a ransomware, which is created for encrypting users’ files and demands users of money. The creators of this virus insert this virus into random computers via free programs, dirty websites, spam email attachments, and many other illegal ways. Therefore, when you are associated with these stuffs, you would be infected with Shark virus […]

Remove JagerDecryptor Ransomware Forever


JagerDecryptor get installed on the computer without any consent? What is it? And is JagerDecryptor safe? If it is dangerous, how can I uninstall it and get rid of JagerDecryptor ads completely? What’s JagerDecryptor? JagerDecryptor is a ransomware. It is one of the most risky and malicious ransomware. If you catch this virus by chance, […]

Remove Cerber2 Ransomware Step by Step


Cerber2 is a ransomware. Many computer users encounter this virus recently and cannot remove it. If you are unlucky to come across this virus, you will quickly see that your system files as well as personal files like images, music, documents, and others are encrypted completely by Cerber2. Those files’ extensions will be changed randomly […]

Remove R980 Ransomware Fully from Your PC


R980 is a ransomware, which is delivered to cheat users of money. Many users are scared of this kind of virus and have no ideas about how to prevent that. In fact, R980 ransomware always comes with some free programs, which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Many users may choose default installation […]