Category: Ransomware

Get Rid of PowerWare Ransomware Easily


Many pop-ups from PowerWare always appear on my web pages? It’s so annoying! I have tried any means I can think to stop them, but all are ended with failure. I know PowerWare is the cause of these annoying pop-ups. Can you give me some suggestions to stop these pop-ups and remove PowerWare? What’s PowerWare? […]

Get Rid of Microsoft Decryptor Efficiently


Microsoft Decryptor has been proved as another ransomware. Therefore it is very dangerous. You may encounter this virus by chance when visiting porn website or other malicious sites. If this virus is running on your machine, it quickly spreads to the system and changes the system settings without your acknowledge. Then Microsoft Decryptor will encrypt […]

How to Remove Crypz Ransomware Easily


Crypz ransomeware is able to sneak into users’ computer when users download something from unsafe resources. Therefore, it is very important for you to figure out whether the resources are safe or not before you download something from them. If unfortunately you are infected with Crypz ransomware, you ought to find out the location of […]

Get Rid of Stampado Ransomware Manually


Stampado is one of the most dangerous and risky ransomware which is quite previous nowadays. Stampado will corrupt users’ system files in various ways and encrypt all files completely after installed. Therefore, many users feel frustrated after getting infected with Stampado ransomware. If you are one of the victims, you must be trying to unlock […]

Get Rid of Unlock92 Ransomware from PC Easily


Ransomware is a kind of very dangerous and malicious program. Unlock92 belongs to this kind. If you get infected with this ransomware, you will get into a big trouble. This virus may enter your computer via some free software or hacked sites. No matter how it comes into the computer, you cannot have any ideas […]

Get Rid of Pizzacrypts Ransomware Step by Step


According to PC security experts, Pizzacrypts is a new ransomware that has been put on the Internet for a couple of days. Thus, you have to be more careful when using the Internet. If you are careless, Pizzacrypts or other threats that are around the Internet will get chances to infect your machine. After Pizzacrypts […]

How to Remove CryptoFinancial Ransomware


If your files are locked by CryptoFinancial, you must be very annoyed and feel very frustrated. CryptoFinancial is a ransomware. It always targets users’ important files such as music, pictures, and many business documents after it is installed. Therefore, many users really hate this virus. If your computer has this virus installed, you will soon […]

How to Remove BitStak and Unlock Your PC


BitStak has been known to many PC users that it is a ransomware. It is good at encrypting users’ files, such as Excels, Words, images, music, and videos. If your files are encrypted by this ransomware, you must be crazy and have no ways to use the files anymore. Normally, it is very easy for […]

Remove Zepto Ransomware Unlock PC


Zepto is produced as a ransomware. It has cheated many PC users all over the world. In usual, inexperienced users will easily get cheated by it because this virus is quite good at pretending. Commonly, it often loads onto a targeted computer via loopholes. Therefore, to prevent this virus, don’t forget to get your computer […]

Get Rid of Vipasana Ransomware Completely


Vipasana is a ransomware. It is very typical because it shares the same bad traces as other ransomware programs. You are very likely to get infected with this ransomware if you often click on random pop-up ads with curiosity. That’s because Vipasana ransomware is often embedded with many ads, which often show up on users’ […]