Category: Ransomware

Remove SamSam Ransomware (Free Instructions)


As you know, ransomware viruses are those programs that are utilized by cyber crooks to threaten and scam users of money. SamSam is one of those programs that is recently released and successfully attacks many computers. As long as your computer becomes its target, you have to take action to remove it and don’t trust […]

Remove AnonPop Ransomware Step by Step


AnonPop ransomware has encrypted many PC users’ files recently. If your PC is infected with this virus too, you must suffer the same issues. First of all, AnonPop encrypts your personal files after finished the penetration. Then, it will deliver a message to you when you try to open the encrypted files. The message is […]

Remove Sanction Ransomware Forever


Sanction is a ransomware, which means that it is used to induce users to pay a ransom by displaying a trick to users. Normally, Sanction is put into your computer without notice by bundling with some free applications which you may need. As long as Sanction is inserted to your computer, it will modify the […]

Get Rid of Satana Ransomware from Your PC


Being created as a ransomware, Satana virus spreads onto your computer effectively via bundling techniques. In this way, it can bypass your antivirus detection and fool you to install it without notice. Moreover, Satana ransomware can infect your system via packing with spam emails, which is a frequent used method to distribute viruses. No matter […]

Get Rid of CrySiS Ransomware Completely


CrySiS is able to encrypt your personal files like documents, PowerPoint, music, and videos once it comes into your computer. It won’t show you any sign when it penetrates onto the computer. Mostly, it is bundled with some free programs or torrents, which users may download from the Internet. As soon as CrySis enters your […]

Get Rid of TowerWeb Ransomware from PC


TowerWeb is a new ransomware which is put on the Internet recently. If you are unlucky to be infected by this ransomware, you will immediately see that your files are encrypted. That is to say, it is impossible for you to access to your personal files anymore. After this ransomware encrypts your files, you will […]

Get Rid of CryptoRoger Ransomware Easily


CryptoRoger is another malware that comes in the category of ransomware. It is spread via the Internet and hides in lots of unsafe links. If CryptoRoger lands on your computer, you will pay some prize to deal with it. This ransomeware sets up some tricks to require users to pay ransom. The frequent trick is […]

Remove Kozy.Jozy Ransomware Easily from PC


Kozy.Jozy is another ransomware which encrypts users files and tricks users pay some ransom. No matter you use which system operations, it can attack your system easily if you do not have a good surfing habit. Normally, Kozy.Jozy virus can spread the rough a few unfair ways. Bundling to some free programs is the most […]

Remove Dedcryptor Ransomware Step by Step


If your computer is infected with Dedcryptor virus, you will have to pay some effort to remove it because it is a stubborn ransomware virus. Restarting your computer would not work because it pops up immediately to block your screen after restarting your machine. In addition to locking your computer, Dedcryptor virus can do more […]

Remove Virus Completely is a ransomware that is quite prevailing in the internet. This virus mainly targets computers randomly, so, users should be careful when surfing the Internet. This ransomware can be spread by various ways, but bundling with third party programs is the major way to spread. When a computer has virus on it, the […]