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Remove MyPC HealthCheck from Computer Easily


Is MyPC HealthCheck a Virus? MyPC HealthCheck is a rogue or fake antivirus that gets installed in your computer. It shares the bad fame with Windows Warding System, also a fake antivirus. Similar to other fake antiviruses, MyPC HealthCheck can terminate your original antivirus and then replace it. After that, MyPC HealthCheck scans your computer […]

Remove SpeedUpMyPC 2016 from PC Successfully


Is SpeedUpMyPC 2016 a Virus? SpeedUpMyPC 2016 has been proved that it is a rogue antivirus program that cannot help users detect any computer threats. Actually, it just makes chaos on the system that installs it. Once you install it by being misled, it can change the settings of registry entries. In this way, it […]

How to Remove RegClean Pro Step by Step


Is RegClean Pro a Virus? RegClean Pro is a rogue antivirus program which deliberately displays false scan results with the view of sending inexperienced users into a panic and then tricks them into buying the full version of RegClean Pro. This rogue program usually penetrates into your machine secretly when you download some free applications […]

How to Uninstall YourOptimizer


Is YourOptimizer a Virus? YourOptimizer is a fake optimizer. You should not install this program to expect it to help you optimize your system and speed up the system operation. If you let this program install on your system, you will be very disappointed because instead of helping you optimize the system, this program is […]

Uninstall Fake Windows Activation from PC

Fake Windows Activation

Is Fake Windows Activation a Virus? Fake Windows Activation is a rogue program. You should never put this program onto your system. If you have installed it already, you have to take action to uninstall it. If you don’t remove it timely, you will suffer some problems. Fake Windows Activation is a rogue program, which […]

How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner Rogue Program


Is MPC Cleaner a Virus? MPC Cleaner is a fake optimizer which cannot help you clean any suspicious items from your computer. Though on its official site, it is always promoted as a useful tool, it only turns out to be a rogue program. When it is installed on your computer, it will enable itself […]

Get rid of Virus and Stop Redirects suddenly becomes my home page. I do not get useful search results because of sponsored links. Pages are redirected as well. I need help to remove redirects completely. Is a Virus? As a malicious browser hijacker, attacks many Internet browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. The annoying program has […]

How to Remove/Uninstall Content Defender Popups


Content Defender accidentally gets installed in the system? Random pop-ups like fake security warnings and ads fill up the screen? The PC performs much slowly? Read on and take effective guides to get rid of Content Defender ads. Is Content Defender a Virus? Content Defender is classified as a malicious adware program which pretends to […]

How to Remove Antivirus Pro 2017 Virus from Windows 7, 8 Vista


Is Antivirus Pro 2017 a Virus? Antivirus Pro 2017 is a rogue antivirus program which pretends to help users protect their computers from dangerous infections. However, in reality, it cannot be rogue more. Usually, this unwanted program is bundled with some free programs which are available on the Internet. If you download a program that […]