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Remove Manamecrypt Ransomware from PC


Basic Information of Manamecrypt Virus Security experts classified Manamecrypt as a fraudulent ransom virus. The main characteristic of this virus is to lock the target PC screen and show a fake warning message which states that your PC is locked because your illegal activities such as distributing copyright materials or viewing pornographic content. It seems […]

Remove Ads by GameOn Efficiently


GameOn gets inside your system and cause a lot of troubles to you? You don’t know how to remove it? Don’t worry! Just go down and read the rest of post, you will know more details about GameOn ads and get help to remove it. More info about GameOn If you are fond of playing […]

Remove/Delete W32.Yahack.A Virus and Fix Popups


W32.Yahack.A virus cannot be removed by my antivirus software. I tried ways but failed to speed up the computer performance and clean up random pop-up ads. How can I get rid of W32.Yahack.A virus permanently? Basic Information of W32.Yahack.A Virus W32.Yahack.A has been defined as a horrific Trojan horse virus, which is created by cyber […]

How to Remove Ads by GreenPlayer from IE Firefox Chrome


Your PC is affected by GreenPlayer pop-up badly? You get many pop-up ads whenever you surf the Internet? Your homepage is changed without your approval? If you say “yes”, it means that your PC is infected with GreenPlayer virus. Please read this post, you will get more details about GreenPlayer and get help to remove […]

Easy Guide to Get Rid of Ads by Shopping Buddy


I keep getting a lot of Shopping Buddy pop-ups. I know them must be malicious things which can damage my system, so I run my antivirus to scan and remove it, but found nothing. Is there any solution to remove Shopping Buddy pop-up ads? Description of Shopping Buddy For Shopping Buddy is able to display […]