Remove Cryptohasyou Ransomware Completely

Basic Information of .Cryptohasyou Virus


.Cryptohasyou is identified as a ransom virus which is designed by remote hackers to steal money from innocent PC users. According to the survey, .Cryptohasyou can infect PCs all over the world. This ransom virus is able to slip into the target PC easily though making use of system loopholes.

Usually, .Cryptohasyou is bundled with free software which most people prefer to download from the Internet. If you download some free programs carelessly, you are probably to be targeted. .Cryptohasyou may display a page as your desktop background suddenly when you read an email for which .Cryptohasyou may be implanted into the email attachments by the remote hackers. Besides, if you come to some unsafe websites, your PC may be affected by .Cryptohasyou as well.

Once .Cryptohasyou invades your system, it will lock your files and changes the files extensions to .enc extension. That is to say, you will see this .enc extension attaching to all of your files. Meanwhile, it states that your PC is locked because you viewed child pornography or distributed copyrighted materials. You are ask to pay $300 to unlock the files. Some users know that it is a scam, but most users are afraid of it for which it has a decent name. When you come across .Cryptohasyou virus, what you should do is to remove it rather than pay it.

Solution 1: Remove .Cryptohasyou Virus Automatically & Thoroughly

Stubborn Trojan viruses like .Cryptohasyou can disguise its files and hide its existence in the infected system so that computer users with little computer expertise cannot easily get rid of it. Employing high-performance detection algorithm, this powerful Automatic Virus Fix Tool can detect all files and components of .Cryptohasyou as well as other malware that come together. Therefore, it can save you a lot of time and trouble to fix your problem.

Solution 2: Step by Step to Manually Remove .Cryptohasyou Virus

When .Cryptohasyou virus comes into Windows systems, it will likely download additional affiliated computer viruses without users’ permission. In order to prevent more potential harm, it is necessary to remove .Cryptohasyou Virus and unknown malicious software from computers.

Step 1: Start the system into Safe Mode with Networking

Step 2: End Malicious Processes of .Cryptohasyou Virus

Step 3: Delete Malicious Keys of .Cryptohasyou Virus in the Registry

Step 4: Delete Malicious Files of .Cryptohasyou Virus in the Hard Drive

Step 5: Start the system into normal mode

Step 1. Start the system into Safe Mode with Networking

1. Hold Windows and R keys to open Run command.


2. Type msconfig and click OK.


3. Click Boot tab, check Safe boot box and select Network and then click Apply.


4. Click Restart button to restart your system. It will automatically boot your system into Safe Mode with Networking.


Step 2. End Malicious Processes of .Cryptohasyou Virus

1. Right click on Taskbar and click Start Task Manager


2. Click Processes tab, Click any suspicious process, and then click End Process


Step 3. Delete Malicious Keys of .Cryptohasyou Virus in the Registry

1. Hold Windows and R keys to open Run command.


2. Type regedit and click OK.


3. Search and delete all malicious keys of .Cryptohasyou Virus in all folders.


Step 4. Delete Malicious Files of .Cryptohasyou Virus in the Hard Drive

For Windows Vista and 7 computer users,

1. Click Organize on the menu bar and click Folder and search Options.


2. In View tab, check the checkbox of Show hidden files, folders, or drives under Hidden files and folders. Click OK button to close Options window.

show hidden files

For Windows 8 or later computer users,

1. Double click Computer shortcut on the desktop.

2. Click View tab and check Hidden items to show all hidden files and folders.


3. Remove the following files:

%UserProfile%Programs AppData [Random Charateristc].exe
%UserProfile%ProgramsTemp [Random Charateristc].dll
%UserProfile%Programs AppDataroaming [Random Charateristc].dll

Step 5. Start the system into normal mode

Repeat Step 1, uncheck Safe boot, click OK and restart Windows system in normal mode.


Video of How to Remove .Cryptohasyou Virus

Attention: You need to be very careful and patient during the manual removal process. If you do a wrong step, unexpected problems will happen. So, it is suggested that you backup the system before performing manual removal. If you have no more time to deal with this nasty .Cryptohasyou virus, it is suggested that you make use of Automatic Removal Method to do the job.

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